Welcome to Maxson Middle School where excellence begins with me!

Maxson Middle School campus is home to 750 students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade. The student/teacher ratio for students remains within state and federal guidelines as our class sizes on average range between 17-25 students. English Language Learners (ELL) and Special Needs students are included in the general education classroom setting with appropriate teacher support. There are 65 full-time classroom teachers and a host of support staff.  This includes 2 school counselors, 2 social workers (School Based Youth Services).  Also, there are 3 security officers and a full-time school resource officer.

Our common core standard aligned performance and literacy tasks enable students to see the relevance of K-12 topics through real-world careers and themes. Each of their resources allows students to apply concepts in simulated real-world scenarios, increasing student performance, and preparing them for college and 21st-century careers. A typical day consists of a 9 period day. All classes are 40 minutes long and students have the opportunity to take 4 elective classes throughout the school year. All students are required to wear district mandated uniforms. School doors open at 8:10 and students must report to homeroom and regular dismissal time is 2:50 p.m.

Through district support, Maxson has taken several steps to upgrade our technology resources resulting with all students receiving an Apple iPad to use during the school day. Maxson has 3 technology labs that have been outfitted with desktop computers to enhance student learning and instruction.  Classrooms are in the process of replacing Promethean boards with Apple Smart TV's providing a wireless environment.  The school provides opportunities for students to join a wide array of clubs during the 2018-2019 school year and we are under new school leadership we plan to add additional programming to support social-emotional learning.  

What's Happening