Club or Organization Description Meeting Day(s) and Time Meeting Location Advisor(s) Website(if applicable)
Homework Club To assist students successfully
complete homework and
remediate any area of
Tuesdays- Friday
Room 202 J. Menon N/A
Drama Club This club is designed to
strengthen communication
and public speaking skills,
promote literacy skills,
enhance reading durability
and develop community
building skills including
cooperation and patience
Room 227 D. Roseman and T. Singley
Maxson magazine To assist in literacy initiative
created by the district with a
focus on gathering evidence
to construct text for
publication while
simultaneously creating a
community students to work
cohesively as a team
Wednesdays (except
the first of the
month) 3:30pm-
Room 235 A.Rhein and T. Williams
Project LIT To empower and engage
students and families through
reading culturally relevant,
high quality books and
promote love of reading
Monthly TBA
Room 302 T.Williams and A. Rhein
National Junior Honor Society Recognizing in the highest
achieving students and
prepare them for their High
school and higher education
Weekly on
Room 302 T.Williams  
Robotics Robotics will be using
Mindstorms EV3 to explore
STEM concepts. Students will
be coding robots to move
forward, backwards, left and
right, complete full rotations,
and use multiple sensors
including light sensors and
sound sensors.
2 times each week
starting in March
from 3:30-4:15.
Room 103 D. Toledo  
Club 21/22
Maxson Middle Basketball
Workouts Club provides
students with strength
which is a fundamental
element for the physical
conditioning of basketball
players. The
purpose of strength training is
to improve explosive power
and acceleration/speed
around the court and to
reduce the risk of joint and
tendon injuries.
3:45pm- 4:30pm
Gym A. Way  
Maxson Gospel Choir This club is a fun atmosphere
where we will allow students
to use their musical talents
(voice and instrumental) to
inspire and positively motivate
others through gospel music.
This club is interdenominational
and welcomes
all singers and/or musicians.
We will begin each rehearsal
with snacks and a devotional followed by learning of gospel
songs to perform.
Wednesdays and
Fridays right after
school from 3:30-
Room 102 K. Haynes  
Yearbook Club Maxson Middle School
Yearbook Club provides
students with the opportunity
to assist
in yearbook sales,
photography, and design.
Students help to promote
yearbook sales
by making posters and
distributing yearbook
information. Students also
assist in
designing the pages of the
yearbook. Students are also
provided with the opportunity
take yearbook photos. It's a
great experience for middle
school students to be truly
involved with their school!
3:35pm- 4:15pm
Room 102 N. Cummings and A. Way  
Gardening Club Gardening Club has been
established to create a space
for those with a love of
gardening and those
interested in gardening to
come together and share
information, knowledge,
technique, and love of
3:35pm- 4:15pm
Room 204 A.Thomas and D. Saenz-Torres
Graphic Arts Production Graphic design combines the
power of text and pictures to
create persuasive images that communicate a specific
message. Students will be
given the space and
opportunity to express their
creativity digitally
Room 125 N.DeJesus-Boston
Gaming Club To build community and
friendship through the love of
games, and provide a place
students can come after
school and congregate in a
friendly, positive manner. The
club heads
will use their knowledge and
access to gaming equipment
to provide the space for
students to
practice games competitively.
There may be an outlet in the
future to compete against
schools as gaming clubs start
to gain more traction
throughout the district.
3:30- 4:30 PM
Room 228 W.Cook and T.Singley
Interact Club Interact is Rotary
International’s service club for
Interact clubs are sponsored
by individual rotary clubs
Interactors develop leadership
for others, understand the
value of individual
responsibility and  hard work, advance international
understanding and good will
3:30 4:15
  A.Ferenc and J. Huggins
Digital Citizenship Club Program Goals and Objectives
(Provide a brief, concise list of
what the program is to
accomplish. Goals are
outcomes. Objectives state
how the goal will be achieved.
They must be
specific, measurable,
attainable, realistic and
To cultivate both skills and
dispositions to help young
people thrive in our
interconnected world.
This is all the more important
because children and teens
face many decisions and
dilemmas as
they live their lives with and
through media and
technology, from what they're
consuming and
what they're sharing, to how
they're interacting and
communicating with others.
● Media Balance and Well-
Being ● Privacy & Security ●
Digital Footprint & Identity ●
Relationships &
Communication ●
Cyberbullying, Digital Drama &
Hate Speech ● News & Media Literacy
Twice a week
3:45 PM - 4:15 PM
  N.Cummings and D. Roseman
Student Ambassadors After the formation of Maxson
Middle school’s Positive
Behavior Support In Schools
program (PBSIS), we decided
to establish a club that
focuses on what’s best about
our school, enter our scholar
ambassadors. This club
recognizes that there is
strength in each scholar as we
collectively strive to “Soar To
Success.” As we “Strive for
Success,” our goal is to create
an environment that
encourages and supports prosocial
scholar behavior
First and third
Wednesdays of each
month from 3:35
pm to 3:55 pm
Room 208 Jerald Williams
Natasha DeJesus
Ruth Wright
Intramural Soccer   Fridays 3:30- 5:00.
Soccer field E. Reyes  
LASO To increase the interest and
awareness of all students of
the Latin culture. To be active
in the Hispanic community
through volunteer activities
and encourage diversity.
Fridays 4:00- 5:00.
Room 220 L. Rosenberg  
Beautification Club The Maxson Middle School
Beautification Club has been
established to create a space
for those students who like to
create items by hand and
decorate spaces for instance
classrooms, bulletin boards
and hallways based on
holidays and seasons.
Friday 3:34- 4:30.
Room 211 L. Ladj