Vanetta Solomon  Grade 6-7                                                     Regina Lynn Lowery  Grades 7-8

The 2019-2020 focus of the Maxson Middle School Guidance Department is to promote student resilience.  Each year the guidance department will teach skills specifically designed to help students become more resilient. The grade level focus is as follows: Grade 6 ~ academic enrichment, anger management/self-control, and Restorative Practices. Grade 7 ~ self-advocacy, restorative practices, and time management. Grade 8 ~ peer leadership, community service learning opportunities, and career exploration.
The Maxson Middle School guidance team is a supportive aspect of our school culture. Fundamentally the program is designed to create a space for student engagement and growth. The Department’s school-wide approach consists of guidance led classroom lessons, group, and individual counseling sessions and introduction to restorative practices.